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Geoevent Send an Email output - referencing fields trouble

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Jun 13, 2017

Having an issue getting fields from GeoEvent to show up in the body of an email.  

Message format is html, and I can use HTML language to format any text I want to include without issue, but any field references do not carry over to the body.

I've tried {FIELD_NAME} and ${FIELD_NAME} and it returns nothing. 

The Geoevent service in question is quite simple - poll ArcGIS Server for Features > Incident Detector w/ geofence, then send email if point shows up in the geofence.  

The behavior seems like the Send an Email output connector cannot read the fields from the input Geoevent Definition, but I can't see where to add a definition to the output connector for send an email.


Using Server/GEP 10.5


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