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Problem enabling an enterprise GDB

Question asked by dianesnediker_work on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by George_Thompson-esristaff

I am having a problem enabling an enterprise geodatabase. When I try to run the tool, the log shows that it goes through a bunch of database steps successfully, and then it says:

[Thu May 18 09:59:58 2017] Error creating  GDB_Tables_Last_Modified table...
[Thu May 18 09:59:58 2017] ERROR Creating Geodatabase tables
, Error = -511
,EXT_Error = 0
,EXT_ERROR1 = Database user name and current user schema do not match.

The database folks assure me that the database is setup per the instructions here:


Can you tell what the problem might be from this error?


How do I check what the schema name is? the user name is definitely sde.