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Point Layer Best Practices

Question asked by esmathers on Jun 12, 2017



I am relatively new to the ArcGIS platform. I have been using Google Fusion Tables to display a lot of my data. I have seen the drawbacks of having too many points displayed on one map, so I need clarification of the best practices when handling a list of points that number at 3,000+.


All of my locations are of a similar geographic feature (waterfall), in the same state. The state is broken up into tourism regions. at least two of these regions would have 1,000 or more locations inside of it. They are further broken into counties. There will be text, at least one photo and eventually at least one GPX (or comparable trail mapping file) file.


My question centers around the best way to create maps that will create the least amount of lag while loading, but also not hinder the built in functionality or require the need for multiple maps. Is this a matter of breaking the data into separate layers by county or zip code? 


I have wasted countless hours in the past and want to be sure when I set this up it is done right from the start.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!