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Query Editable/Non-Editable property in Web Map Layer

Question asked by forrestkaye on Jun 9, 2017


How do locate the Editable/Non-Editable property in a Web Map Layer?  Currently every property I seem to think would hold this information does not reflect the editable status.  I've tried just about every property according to the documentation for a web map layer.  FYI I am using the 10.2.9 release of the SDK.  Am I missing something, Do I need to query the layer for editable status or something?  


Scenario Description:

My goal here is to reflect editable status from a webmap in my offline GDB download. The scenario is a webmap with two layers one is editable one is non-editable.  Download them both and keep the non-editable status reflected in the webmap.  (However the actual REST service is editable and need to prevent users from being able to create and sync features once they download the offline GDB)