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Capture/Display editable device lat/long w/o a map?

Question asked by mccumb01 on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by JTedrick-esristaff

Is there a way to have:

- Editable lat/long fields in a survey,

- Pre-populated w/device location,

- *Without* having the map UI? 

- AND *without* using the *pulldata()* function (because it does not work in the web-app)?




It seems some of our survey users are confused by the map UI, and would rather just enter lat/long into text fields.

- It's not intuitive to know that lat/long under the map are editable, but scrolling the map around isn't precise enough.

- Also not clear that you have to hit the 'check mark' twice to actually save your edit. (If you only hit it once it updates the map & commits the values, so it looks correct, but then you hit 'Back' and it erases your change). 


Trouble is that without the geopoint/map UI, the survey automatically collects/displays the device's current location anyway.

This means I can't just create 'dumb' lat/long text fields, because we'd wind up w/conflicting data.

Aside from making the user work harder & being more error-prone, it could result in inaccurate maps.

(e.g. if they go collect a bunch of site data using 'dumb' lat/long boxes, then come back to the office to edit something else in each record, and then submit from there, all survey inputs might now show the office location on the map but have "lat/long" data from the real desired locations. With the map, if you save a draft it doesn't seem to update location until you tap the map again, but I haven't tested it w/o map and don't know how it'd work - either case could wind up wrong. People must know/ignore the office location in order to determine which data is correct).  



Any suggestions? Thanks!