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how to resolve error upon printing of map containing a vector field

Question asked by aariel22 on Jun 9, 2017

I am producing a series of maps displaying multidimensional raster data a vector field.  However, when I try to print the map by exporting to an image file, the vector field is not printed as displayed.  The regular grid of arrows (denoting current speed and direction) is truncated and compressed irregularly.  The rest of the layers print accurately.  The error occurs no matter what format I use for export.  This error does not occur when I export the map to a low resolution file, but does occur when exporting to anything higher than 200dpi.

I had been using Desktop 10.3 when this error first occurred. I updated to 10.5, cleared my temp folder and was able to export one higher resolution map before the error returned.  

Given these symptoms, I thought I might be running out of memory.  But when looking at my diagnostics while exporting, my memory only reaches 23%, and my cpu maxes out. I have a newer computer with decent specs and a quad core.  

Any ideas on how I could fix this problem?