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Exporting .csv from query widget results doubles columns?

Question asked by dramccaffrey on Jun 2, 2017
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New to WAB. I'm using the default query widget to export query results to a .csv file. The query widget passes a number of filter expressions, including a date filter, an area filter (on numeric field), and a filter on a binary flag (also numeric). 


I am able to export the results, but the output .csv repeats each column once, doubling the number of columns. The only difference I spot in the initial versus repeated columns is in the date field. Note that the first listing of "DATE" is DD-MMM-YY, and the second is not. 



- I have experimented with pop-up configuration (on/off, different names, etc.) thinking that could be the source or the repetition. 

- I have tried various combinations of export permission settings, both within the widget and in the item details.


Interestingly, if I access the table from the item details window in 'my contents' (without running a query), and download as a .csv, there is no repetition. Evidence that the problem is something with the query widget?


Again, new to WAB, so this is likely something simple. Thanks for having a look. 


WebApp is here: ArcGIS Web Application