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Routing -> set custom names for stops

Question asked by PJanissen on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by TJin-esristaff

Hi there!


Recently I've been working on cool routing functionality using the SDK and the ArcGIS world route service.


However, in the route directions, the string containing the direction gives me default names for stops (location 1, location 2 etc...).


I would like to set these manually and I know the route service allows it, since I've done it with the Qt Runtime SDK 100.


However, I can't find a way to do it with the Appstudio SDK. I have looked through the docs and found documentation on the input fields for stops, but now how to set them from the sdk. I've tried setting attributes for the graphics which I add as stops and setting the name of the graphic, as follows:


    function getStopGraphic( geometry, name ) {
        var stopGraphicClone = stopGraphic.clone();
        stopGraphicClone.geometry = geometry.project( routeSpatialReference ); = name;
        stopGraphicClone.setAttributeValue( "Name", name );
        layers.graphicsLayerRoute.addGraphic( stopGraphicClone );
        return stopGraphicClone;

Unfortunately, to no result whatsoever.


If anyone has the solution or more suggestions on what to try, I'd be very grateful.


Kind regards,