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Navigation between 2 MapViews in Xamarin Android

Question asked by amentma on May 29, 2017
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I'm working on mobile app (Xamarin Android and iOS) for our company and I need to navigate between two pages, each with MapView object. It's kind of "Master-Detail" scenario, I display some basic information about tapped location in first screen, but there is a "More Info" button to show more information about area. When user tap the button, app navigates to second page with smaller MapView, different map layer and some metadata about area.


This works well on iOS, but when I tested it on Android (different api versions, from android 4.4 to 7.0), the MapView on second page did not show up, instead there is some "cache" from previous page. I cannot pan or zoom, but tap event fires just like it should.


Please see attached screens for details.


ios (correct rendering):

iOS master page iOS detail page


Android (broken rendering)


Android Master Page Android Detail Page




Any idea what's wrong? Thanks for answer.