Geocode REST service on AGS10 only works with Single Line Input parameter

Discussion created by nschmidt on Jan 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by nschmidt
I have a geocoding service that we deployed using AGS10.  I cannot get the address match to return results using the "Street" parameter.  It will only return matches when the data is placed in the "Single Line Input" parameter.  It is a small dataset, and I have tried using the US Streets single range and dual range geocoding services with the same result.


the above returns 0 candidates.  This however:


correctly returns several candidates.

Any ideas for me?  Why would entering the building number + street name work with the Single Line Input but not in the Street parameter?  I have also tried testing this through the REST test interface with the same results.  It works when the 1505 Main St is entered in the "Full Address" test field but does not work from the "Street or Intersection" test field.

Thanks for your time!