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Symbolise points by Date (not Date and Time)

Question asked by laurenraedibben on May 24, 2017
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I am using ArcGIS online to create maps for use in the Collector ap. I have a point layer of cameras deployed over three days. These cameras need to be collected now, but they need to be collected in the same order they were put out so that they have all had 10 nights in the field.

I want to be able to symbolise the points in my layer by Date, so that each date of deployment has a separate colour, however when I select Symbolise by Unique Value, I am automatically getting Unique values for Date and Time combined, instead of just for date. 

Can anyone tell me how I get around this please. Ideally, I don't want to change my field data type from Date because it is so much easier for data collection in the field to use this data type, than to manually enter the date in a text field for example. It also maintains integrity of the data. 

I'm hoping there is an easy solution to this. I know the date is recorded as date and time collectively, but I want to sort by date only.