Selecting a graphic in AGSGraphicsOverlay

Discussion created by nyekimov on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by eretre2

I am trying to migrate from iOS SDK 10.2.5 to 100.0.1 and having some questions. I read migration guide and checked examples on the github and still can't get how to select a graphic. 

First of all, how to specify a selectionSymbol. In 10.2.5 I used to set `AGSGraphicsLayer.selectionSymbol`, the AGSGraphicsOverlay doesn't have such property. It seems that now the layer isn't anymore responsible for graphics selection but still have a method `clearSelection()`.

So it looks like I should use `self.mapView.identify(AGSGraphicsOverlay, ...)` method on map touch and then run graphic.isSelected = true on the results. Is it a correct plan? And still how to specify a selection symbol? Or should I change the graphic.symbol each time?