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ConvertCoordinate to coordinate notation strings

Question asked by mangoyoga on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by mangoyoga

I'm used to seeing a position as  59° 25' 09.28" N 9° 28' 56.59" E, but ConvertCoordinate.ToDegreesMinutesSeconds returns 59 25 09.28 N 009 28 56.59  I'm wondering about the lack of symbols inside the string, as well as 0-padding of values. I'm not a GIS-person, so I assume there is a reason behind this, and I suppose both styles are correct, though I personally find it easier to read the former format for display purposes, though perhaps not if doing user input. Is there an easy way I can get the "pretty print" from my first example out of the box?


I also experience that no matter the UTM SRS (Zone 31-35) i pass to ToUtm, the return value is always in UTM 32.