Show certain features in OD-matrix

Discussion created by RogeRThaT on May 18, 2017
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Hi everyone,


I am working on a way to calculate accessibility of certain districts within a city. 

My accessibility measure consists of the amount of jobs in the other districts+ a distance decay function.


Now i would like to solve an OD-matrix with certain origins and destinations. However, i would like the outcomes to show for example the district_ID (which is one of the columns in the attribute table of the point feature class where the origins are loaded from) of the origin and the amount of jobs at each destination (also in the attribute table) . 


I did solve several OD-matrices already, but they do not show any information except for the impedance. 


I would like to know a way to include these characteristics of origins and destinations to the output OD-matrix


Thank you in advance,