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data frames and annotation

Question asked by wireless200 on May 18, 2017

Good morning.


I just upgraded to 10.5.


In my previous versions, I created data frames, drew on them, and annotated them with text and callouts.


With 10.5 it seems it's done differently now.


I see my old data frame names listed under the annotation targets but not under view->data frame properties.


Also I cannot cause those previous annotated data frames appear.


Using the new method insert -> data frame, it doesn't appear it's possible to use the drawing and text tool with the new data frame layer or to make it transparent in layout view under properties (even though it's an option given).


I'm fine with using annotation layers but it doesn't appear that it's possible to turn annotated annotation layers on and off (visibility).


Looking for advise on how to proceed here.


I have maps with symbols from data points, some of the symbols need special callout-type annotation that can be turned on and off.


Also is it possible to get my old annotated data frames to appear?


regards, David