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Some Android 100.0.0 Questions

Question asked by lageplan on May 15, 2017
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I'm currently migrating my complete Android app to the new API 100.0.0.


I already mentioned that I am missing the Feature Selection Mode and a way of getting subtype descriptions but here are some more things I noticed:


  • I could no longer find a way of storing the current map state when I pause the map activity. I.e. something like "restoreState" and "retainState". This means that my map always zooms back to the inital viewpoint, not to the user's last location.
  • When I add and remove graphics dynamically, it occasionally happens that a removed graphic is still being displayed. I checked the size of the corresponding graphicsOverlay - it is empty, and the graphic cannot be selected. So maybe the graphic is cached somehow? Is there any way to refresh the graphicsOverlay to clear the cache?
  • I licensed my app, included Esri attribution in the "About" screen of my app, and I do not use an ArcGIS Online basemap. But unlike in the old API, the Esri attribution bar ("powered by Esri") is always visible (and I must say, I find it quite irritating...). Can I disable it somehow? Is it included in all license levels?


Otherwise, I am now almost done with the migration ...


Thank you,