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Generate a Map File Based on a Triggering Event

Question asked by nmcnamara on May 11, 2017

I am trying to do something and I’m wondering if anyone has an idea where to start… preferably with no additional software, or if anything, an Esri extension (we have Server Standard).


What I would like to do is to have Server send a map of some stuff (electric outages that are being displayed on our intranet HTML5 site – web app builder developer edition) to a file. I don’t care if it’s a pdf, image, whatever really. Just generate a file based on some type of condition (a query value, probably). I don’t really care where that graphic comes from or what form really so long as I can get something. If it matters, I'm using Portal rather than ArcGIS Online.  This might not even involve the web site necessarily?


The whole part is that we have some electric meters that are reporting out, so I can create a record or a value in a table based on the fact that there are new outages (that's probably someone else's job who manages the AMI (automatic metering system). I want a query to detect that record or value (either triggered or maybe based on a small interval check), and create a map. So that graphic would be inserted into / attached to an email and sent out to a group of people to investigate the conditions in the field. Any help on how to do the rest of that is much appreciated as well.