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Select records with most recent date for groups of points

Question asked by fultzjason on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by reseburgn

Hi all, 


I am working with a feature class (sample_Locations) in an ArcSDE Geodatabase and my table has a "Point" field and a "Date" field, the field types are string and date, respectively.  There are over 2000 features in the table and the point ID's are not unique, there are only ~100 point ID's, so there may be many points with the same Point ID.  I am trying to select records from the table with the most recent date for sets of values, where the field "Point" is the field that contains the values that define groups.




I have tried using the following subquery, but it did not select the correct records.  It selected a very random assortment of features.


[Date] in (SELECT max( [Date] ) FROM Sample_Locations GROUP BY [Point])




Can anyone provide help for performing this selection using a Python script?  Ideally, I would like to select the features and export these selected features to a standalone excel table.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!