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GetTravelModes doesn't find organization values if using application token

Question asked by flspat on May 11, 2017

Hi All,

Got a issue driving me crazy today.... 


  • I have a registered 'App' in my organization.  
  • I'm using the clientId and clientSecret to generate a token and execute geocoding and routing.  
  • I have a few custom Travel Modes defined under the organization utility services tab as discussed in the documentation.  
    • All the default modes are removed.
    • When I log into the organization on and use the UI map, the directions widget shows the correct set of custom Travel Modes and they calculate routes the way I expect.
  • However when I use the application to call "Utilities/GPServer/GetTravelModes", the return contains the "stock default" set of travel modes NOT the custom set defined in the organization. 
  • When the application executes a route request, the results are clearly using one of the defaults not one of the custom settings.


Why can't the application access the organization settings?