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Raster Calculation within Field Calculator

Question asked by cjgarcia1011 on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

Hello, I've run into a problem involving multiple rasters and using Raster Calculator for a Master's Thesis involving soil erodibility.


I have an NDVI raster, which I've turned into an Int Raster, allowing me to build an attribute table of all the NDVI values within my study area. Now I am able to select by attribute pixel values above and below my threshold values.


I was able to add a field for "Erodibility" of type double, but ran into the problem of actually calculating the field not being able to call upon other rasters.


I literally need nothing from the NDVI raster except the location of the values above/below my threshold, which would be two separate calculations.


I also have 2 other rasters of average precipitation (P) and soil erodibility values (K). I'd like to calculate within the NDVI raster, Erodibility = (P * K) using the selection of my threshold within the Field Calculator or using another method if known, or if I can Raster Calculate using a spatial component.


I have tried changing using Raster to Polygon and doing it, but every time something gets lost or just leads to a dead end.


Any help at all is much appreciated. Defense is coming soon!