Unclear what is wrong with Oneway restriction

Discussion created by RogeRThaT on May 11, 2017
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I've created a multi-modal network data set with four main modes being Metro, BRT, Walking and Cycling. 

I want to have travel time as and impedance with multiple modes. However, to get onto the metro takes more time than getting of the metro. That is why i made two transfer lines between the metro and the walk infrastructure. They are in digitized in opposite direction and both have a oneway restriction.


However, when solving a route from the metro infrastructure to somewhere else, it is impossible to get of the metro system. The analyst simply says there are no routes possible. 


I have the feeling that i defined my oneway restrictions in the right way. However, when i removed the restriction from the network dataset attributes, it was possible to get of the metro infrastructure.


I added a picture in which the situation is explained. The metro transfer line has an arrow at the end to see in which direction it is digitized. 


I hope one of you can help me out.