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What geoprocessing tool to use for analysis of multiple line feature classes?

Question asked by jukinghntb on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by cdspatial

I have many line feature classes that I am trying to use in an analysis. For sake of the question I will just use a basic example.

I have a line feature class of State Roads for the state of Florida. I also have a line feature class that shows where the divided sections of roadway are. I would like to split the State Road lines using the divided roadway feature class while keeping the attributes for the divided roadway feature class.

In the picture below, the red lines represent the divided roadway feature class and the green lines represent the State Roads feature class. So I would like the green line to break into three segments using the red lines. I would like to retain the information in the table from both feature classes so I can easily discern where the divided roadways are along state roads, using 1 feature class.