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Operating the Digital Obstacle File in ArcGIS?

Question asked by rachel.dipietro2 on May 3, 2017



I am a graduate student at Illinois State University, and I plan on using the Federal Aviation Administration's Digital Obstacle File to provide a data set of communication towers for my thesis project.


I have been exploring how to set up ArcGIS to use the DOF, and I am experiencing some confusion over the Aeronautical Solution extensions needed.


Last week, I contacted ESRI sales for price estimates, and they told me the prices for the Aviation: Charting and Aviation: Airport extensions, at education discounts. When I inquired further to ask which one of these was needed to operate the DOF, the response that I got from Aviation via sales was that operating the DOF was a very complicated process, and would require some custom tools and preliminary manipulations to make the data visible in ArcGIS. Based on what I read on the ArcGIS page for the DOF ( it looks like the Airport extension is the one needed, but I am not completely positive.


Any insight on what parts or actions are needed to operate the DOF in ArcGIS, whether that is through the extensions specified on the page or otherwise, would be greatly appreciated!




Rachel DiPietro

Capparella Lab

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Illinois State University