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Survey123 v2.0 on Android

Question asked by jrflannery on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by jrflannery

I am seeing an issue with Survey123 v2.0 on the Android OS and am wondering if anyone else is seeing this. On two devices I am testing with, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet and a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, the first question in my survey is a simple text question set with an "inputMask" to accept five digits. On the Android devices, I type five digits and go to the next question and the five digits disappear. Also, the five digits, when typed, appear red in color even though the required five digits have been entered. I am not seeing this behavior on iOS or Windows 10 devices.


My survey is attached in a zip file to this message.


Thank you for your time.