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Attribute Assistant - Intersecting feature not working from lines to points

Question asked by Nakunkel on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by mmiller-esristaff

I have a problem here. While keeping all parameters the same in the dynamic table, I have an intersecting feature rule that is supposed to pull a control number from a gas main to a test location point when a new test location is created on said gas main. On creation of the new feature, the AA is not populating the control number for the test point. However, when creating a service line, using the same rule with the same parameters, it works. This method seems to be working for line to line intersects, but not line to point. Any idea what could be going on here? I have made sure that all layer names, field names, and parameters are good. I have also verfied that the test point is being snapped to the gas main when creating a feature.