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Does pulldata() function work against geopoint questions in Survey123 web app/web client?

Question asked by akreiger on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by IAldridge_CRT

I've copied and pasted the pulldata() expression from Pulling data from geopoint questions to use exactly as described on that page for retrieving latitude and longitude values but it is causing an error.  The geopoint question and pulldata calculation both exist within the same repeat group. This might be a significant factor since in the preview for the field app in Survey123 Connect the geopoint question, map, and all other questions within the repeat no longer appear -- it's just blank pages under the group heading (I am using the pages style with Survey123 Connect version 2.0.35). No error or warning messages are given in Survey123 Connect when loading form preview. 


The survey can be published without error but when attempting to view the published survey in the web app it does not load and the error message "External instance "@geopoint" is empty., FormLogicError: pulldata with incorrect number of parameters found" is given.  This occurs when both a default value for the geopoint location is provided (using concat('+044.897011','',' -086.066654') -- which works when the subsequent pulldata() functions are included) and when no default location is provided.  


I've also tried to make the pulldata() calculations dependent on a non-empty geopoint question (using relevant field in xls form) to no avail.  The ultimate goal is to set a constraint on the extent within which geopoint responses must occur.  This is one of multiple methods I have attempted to apply.  Each have failed while they have apparently worked for other survey makers.  The issue may stem from the fact the geopoint question is in a repeat group, but this set up is necessary for my survey.


Thanks for any advice.