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Foldable Theme additional widgets

Question asked by wmakari on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by wmakari

Hi all,


I am using web app builder dev edition to create some custom widgets and using the Foldable theme with my widgets in the top left of my web app. I would like to have all the generic widgets like the layer list, legend etc on the header controller (top right) and all my custom business specific widgets on the top left of the web app next to the zoom in/out on screen widget.


It looks like there are only 5 placeholders for widgets but I would like to have more than 5 widgets there. This sounds like a very basic thing to do but I can't see where to add the widgets from in WAB.


I can add as many widgets as I want on the header controller on the top right but not on the widget tray on the left.


Apologies if I have missed something really obvious on the WAB user interface.