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Combine rows within table based on if there is any data populated- Using Python

Question asked by bstaffo5 on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by dkwiens

Basically I am focusing on 2 fields.

fields[0] = Apple

fields[1] = Grape

fields[2] = Pear


What I want in English:

If Apple has data and Pear has no data

      Pear =  Apple

If Grape has data and Pear has no data

   Pear = Grape

Otherwise: Pear = Pear 

   *All 3 columns will never be populated, as well as Apple and Grape will never be populated simultaneously


I tried making up a script using Notepad ++ but it is not translating at all and the results are just reading the columns as their original data.


I know this is wrong but I do not know what would be right.