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Unable to Find Content: Problem with Cascade story map

Question asked by emmalei on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by OEvans-esristaff

Cascade Story Map, Unable to Find Content Error Message


  I built a Cascade story map for my senior thesis. Yesterday, when I tried to save my changes, it was taking forever to save, so thinking the problem was with my Internet connection, I turned off the Internet. I turned it back on, and tried to save my story map again. It saved very quickly. Then I tried to view the map, and it would not open. Now I can not access my story map at all. 

I just get this error message; Unable to find content (See the screenshot of the error message above). When I try to view or edit the map, it loads endlessly but never really loads.

Help!!! This story map is my senior thesis and it is due in roughly two weeks. Any ideas? I greatly appreciate any ideas.

Thank you!