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Problem Installing ArcObject SDK 10.4 .NET

Question asked by ljacedo on Apr 24, 2017

I´m having a problem installing ArcObject SDK 10.4. The install keeps asking me to have Visual Studio 2013 or 2015. This is the description.

I had Visual Studio 2017, since I need Visual Studio 2015 for ArcObjects, I uninstall Visual Studio 2017, reboot my PC and install Visual Studio 2015. Then I rebbot once more to install ArcGIS Desktop and ArcObject SDk 10.4.

The install for Visual Studio 2015 and ArcGIS Desktop was with no problem or warning. However when I install ArcObject SDK 10.4, I get a message of system requirements. The message is asking for Visual Studio 2013 or 2015. 

Now, I already have Visual Studio 2015. I don´t understand the system requirements message. 

Could anybody give my a hand, I cannot see the problem? 


Luis Acedo