Build Walls error - mixing up files an paths?

Discussion created by MBoucher21 on Apr 20, 2017

I've been working on a model that needs the stream direction corrected so I worked in the "Adjust flow direction in streams" tool. I also have a few "innerwalls" in this watershed so I have to run that too.


The model builder model runs through "Build Walls" and then seems to freeze. There are discussions on that that I've offered suggestions on. None seem to help.


I decided to run "Build Walls" via the tool bar. The image below is what get. The error (which is hard to decipher like almost all error message in ESRI products) seems to suggest that I'm trying to use a file path to my C:\USERS\... folder. None of the inputs or outputs for the layers used in the Build Walls dialogue box come from or too that folder and don't have the name "MIMUS_PLUS_P1". That file does exist and is in the MXD from another process, but it is not involved in this specific tool run.


Any idea what's going on?