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Points features along line not becoming part of geometric network

Question asked by mgerbz on Apr 18, 2017



I have created a geometric network geodatabase that contains

1. Pipeline (Line - Complex edge)

2. Tie-Ins and terminations (Points - occur at start and end of line)

3. Feature data (Points - occur along line)


A pipeline feature will run from one tie-in and terminations point to the next.  (Tee, Source, or Sink)

Along a pipeline feature there are items such as high point vents, valves, reducers.


When I create the features from new in an mxd all points (at junctions and along lines) snap to a line and become part of the geometric network.  However when I import features from an external source.  Only the "Tie-Ins and termination points" that occur at end points of the line become part of the network, while all feature data along the line become orphaned.


What am i missing or how do I fix this so I can automate importing of feature data along the line? 


In the attached example.  A pipeline (Black line) goes from a Source to a Tee and then to another Tee (Purple dots), while along the line is a high point vent (Blue Square).  When importing this into the geometric network datasets, the blue squares become orphaned (Network build errors) from the black line they sit on.


Thank you in advance for any assistance in this matter