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Missing replicated field value on child GDB

Question asked by jilkahitesh on Apr 17, 2017



ArcSDE: 10.3


Charset: AR8MSWIN1256


Our parent GDB contains feature class that has one field storing Arabic text. After Syncing with child GDB, in child GDB,  some of parcels value text is missing and it is showing question mark symbol (?) in replacement for some of the parcels.


Checked in at SQL level as well but shows the same result. Other field values are intact that are stored in English. 


As parent GDB has data present, it looks like during sync operation it replaced those Arabic text into symbol (?). Also, this has affected only 4-5 parcels, other parcels has values in Arabic.


Both of GDB's having same database properties and same ArcSDE version.


Would anyone please help me on this.