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Python Script published as Geoprocessing service is not working from ArcGIS javascript API

Question asked by shaikhrizuan on Apr 11, 2017
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I am having data in file gdb and i have to create a feature from server side (i.e. from ArcGIS Javascript API). Since the data is in file gdb, I can't create feature service. So i wrote a python script which is working from ArcGIS Desktop (version 10.2.1) and published the output result as geoprocessing service to the GIS Server (version 10.5).


GP result from ArcCatalog

Fig 1: Showing results for successfully execution of script from ArcCatalog


While trying to run the GP service from JavaScript API (i.e. from WAB custom widget) , I am getting this error : (Access denied [eNOC] )

eNOC is feature class, where feature need to be created. Please find below image for the error:

ErrorGP result

The FGDB has been registered in the server and feature class included in the map service.

Also attached create feature python script.

Anyone can help me out ??



Shaikh Rizuan