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Tool customizing in Python with Arc Gis: is possible?

Question asked by valentina88rossetti on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by valentina88rossetti

Hello guys!
I work with 3D Gis applicate to archeology. I need to create a specific graph.xml into Arc scene (see attachment). It is a graphic block very important in archeology sector.

The goal is create this graph into 3d Gis and link it to 3d model in the scene. I would like develop a specific script in python with my graphic interface that allow to build and manage a graph like this, with specific shapes.

The question is: when I program my script in a general code editor (Notepad ++), then I where have to put this script for allow to visualize into 3d gis?

I would like to insert in ArcToolbox/Data Managemen Tools/Graph the my graphics interface.
It is possible?


Thanks a lot!