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Composing a template of chained raster functions

Question asked by david_johnson-esristaff Employee on Apr 7, 2017

Is there any doc or guidance for defining a client-side raster function template with chained raster functions that goes into more detail than the info in the doc for raster function objects?  I have composed a somewhat complex function chain in the template editor in ArcGIS Pro which I need to convert to a client-side template. The function chain has three separate branches, each of which starts with a different source raster, and has about 12 functions consisting of Clip, Slope, Remap, Arithmetic, Cell Statistics, and Colormap.  These are all "well known functions" and are documented individually in the above link (with the exception of Cell Statistics, which I can substitute with the Local function).  The function chain was not very difficult to build in Pro's template editor. However, the complexity of this function chain goes far beyond the example in the REST doc which simply chains the Remap and Colormap functions.  Are there any tools that could help convert the rft.xml file I generated in Pro to a nice clean JSON raster function object, or do I just need to roll up my sleeves and start from the beginning with a text editor?  My eventual goal is to wrap the template into a python function and use it with the Python API.