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Why can't I adjust the symbology for an AGOL layer?

Question asked by bokeefe on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by vholubecarcdata-cz-esridist

I have a REST Service.

Layer: Road Closures (ID: 0) 


I built an AGOL Layer from it. 


But now... for whatever reason... I can no longer adjust the Symbology (or Visualization) of that layer nor any layers built off of it.


In Chrome INSPECT I get the following:

Uncaught Error: Invalid item argument.
at Object._assertIsItem (base.js:795)
at Object.getValues (base.js:796)
at Object.getValue (base.js:796)
at Object.clean (arcgisonline.js:5249)
at Object.<anonymous> (arcgisonline.js:9646)
at dojo.js:44
at Object.fetchItemByIdentity (base.js:809)
at Object.getAttributeItem (arcgisonline.js:9646)
at Object.updateUIWithRenderer (arcgisonline.js:9321)
at Object._init (arcgisonline.js:9307)


I'm completely lost as to why it is doing this. I've tried changing owner, share level, etc. It's currently 100% public... I'm just lost.