Linear Referencing for DOT using ArcMap ?

Discussion created by rarotin on Apr 5, 2017
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I work for the Department of Transportation in Pennsylvania.  I was surprised, when I came to PennDOT that the majority of the GIS users were unfamiliar with ArcMap.  Mostly they use GeoMedia and other "in-house" programs (Maintenance IQ) that work very well with Linear Referencing.  These programs integrate with the supervisor's databases and spreadsheets and connect to maps quickly and relatively easily.  PennDOT uses Line Segments, and segment offsets (both at the beginning of the segment and another offset at the end, to... say, establish a Roadwork route, such as paving or shoulder cutting).


There doesn't seem to be a fast and easy way to take a spreadsheet with these segments and offsets and integrate it into a map in ArcMap with State Roads shapefiles.  The "Make Route Event Layer" in ArcTools doesn't have enough options to make a route correctly based on the Beginning Offset and End Offset.  It won't accept the State Route Number as an acceptable field as the "Route identifier" field.  Then, it is impossible to choose the Seg_Beg as the "from" and the Seg_End as the "to".  Furthermore, it doesn't have option for two separate Offsets.


I'm not very familiar with Linear Referencing, so perhaps I'm going about it wrong.  In my past job, I used x,y coordinates exclusively.  Not sure if anyone can help or point me in the right direction.  I really can't get into a huge, complex solution however.  If it's not simple and quick, it won't happen.  (3rd party software?  Work around?)