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Related Table Filter?

Question asked by Oharani54 on Apr 4, 2017

I designed a survey for survey123. At the Beginning of the survey you can either select 'Record Birds' or ' Active Nests'. Selecting 'Record Birds' revels a repeat where you can enter in several bird observations while Active Nests does not revel the repeat and takes you down another workflow. I see that when i choose 'Active Nests', a record is created in the related table created from the repeat even though the repeat wasn't part that work. I take it that since there is a repeat in the survey design that it has to create a blank record. That's fine and I can work around that if I can filter the table. 


I created a web map and put a filter on the related table and the feature layer. For example the related table filter was "Age is not blank". This filter should get rid of all the blank records since Age was a required field in the survey. I then create Web App using Web App Builder based off that Web map, but that filter on the related table disappears in the Web App. The filter on the feature layer transferred over to the Web App. I tried the filter widget in the Web App, but the related table wasn't option. Is there anyway I can get the related table to be filtered without the user having to do the filtering through the attribute table widget each time they open the Web App?