ArcGIS 10 with Python 2.6.5. and Windows 7 64 bit

Discussion created by omervsarikaya on Jan 3, 2011
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Dear ESRI users,
Last week I installed ArcInfo 10 with the standard Python version that comes with ArcGIS 10 DVD (Python 2.6.5.) I am running these on a Windows 7 64 bit OS. I am trying to add sequential numbers to a long field of a point feature class with a Python script posted by ESRI (Kent Martin). See link below;

During the calculation I am getting the following error in the results window;
Error 000574 = Python 2.5 not installed

Did anyone experience such a problem? And what is the solution to this? I am running the same script on a Windows Vista 32-bit computer (with the same software) and it works perfectly. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Omer Sarikaya
GIS Specialist
Turkish National Research Institue - Earth Sciences Institute