ArcGIS Server REST API with ASP.NET MVC 2?

Discussion created by govindtm on Jan 2, 2011
Dear All,

I am working with ASP.Net MVC 2 to build an Internet web application. I find this to be architecturally a sound model. I have done JavaScript based coding with AGS REST API. But however i am a bit clueless on using the same AGS REST API with ASP.NET MVC2.

The issue is centered around using Javascript for AGS REST API on the client side side which may otherwise need to be developed using .Net classes (on the server side as Model classes) and accessed via Controller class using HTTP URLs.

The application that i am developing interfaces with many databases and a reliable server side coding that makes use of the best of ASP.Net is needed. I am of the view that this would offer the best of developing apps using REST.

Would appreciate if anyone can share their thoughts on the merits and demerits of this approach.

Will summarize


Govindarajan T M
GIS Consultant