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Fail to cache point scene layer

Question asked by mmaapp004 on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by adeways2000

Hello everyone, I have installed ArcGIS for server 10.4, Portal for ArcGIS 10.4, ArcGIS DataStore 10.4 and WebAdaptor. I tried to publish Scene Layer from ArcGIS Pro 1.3. It succeeded to publish and cache multi-patch feature class and I am able to add it in ArcGIS Portal's Scene View. However for Point feature class, it succeeded to publish a feature layer and scene layer, but failed to cache. In addition, I tried for a empty Point feature class and it success to publish and cache.

Here are the error message:


ArcGIS Pro Staging Log: 

Informative - Submitted.
Informative - Executing...
Informative - Executing (Manage Scene Cache): ManageSceneCache http://vm-wt7123/arcgis/rest/services/Hosted/scene_1020_WSL/SceneServer 2 {} RECREATE_ALL_NODES # "Feature Set"
Informative - Start Time: Fri Mar 31 10:21:14 2017
Error - Layer: Points, Layer ID: 0, Cache generation failed.
Informative - Failed to update the C:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgiscache\Hosted/scene_1020_WSL_SceneServer\sceneserver.json file.
Error - Failed to execute (Manage Scene Cache).
Informative - Failed at Fri Mar 31 10:21:27 2017 (Elapsed Time: 12.93 seconds)
Error - Failed.



ArcGIS Server Log:


Scene Cache Controller Log:


I tried to grant everyone permission to C:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgiscache\Hosted but it still failed to cache.

Does anyone have idea to debug or figure out the problem?