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upgrade from postgresql 9.3 to 9.5

Question asked by jipcikthown on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by danielpnna

hi i want to upgrade my enterprise  geodatabse from postgresql 9.3 to 9.5 , install postgresql 9.5.6 and client library version when i use pg_restore  to restore dump file from 9.3 postgresql to 9.5 postgresql 


pg_restore.exe -U sde -p 5432 -d gdbdatabase -j 5 --disable-triggers  d:\gdbdatabase \gdbdatabase -02-26_02-00-01.dump

I'm getting this error for some tables . When this error occurs for a table the rest of the data in this table will not be imported


pg_restore: [archiver (db)] COPY failed for table "lyr_parcel": ERROR:  Invalid geometry HINT:  "000100002600000004000C00807F0000A803000001000000A187BCDCB303B1E7B4BC9508C2AB129EF610F4DB338AEC68FEA40DA49C19DECB02B0A105DEFF09AEA814D0D704989C0AD898079AD90FCC930BA89E1AD8AA01829B02A2D703AAE10280BC349C84379AFC329CBB35A4D41FAF9A2196DF0C87AF0DB6BB09C7AF0D94860FFB9F15B49A4AD0E46884AD18DCC12098D44AFEFE6BE2A209C60AF6D20BC27BECC50BE6E801F69709DEA401E28309EA9002D4E508E2FA02DCBD08CAE103CA8C08EAC304C2D207C8A105DE8F07F6F805C4C506C0CA06C0BA09E48C0AD4810AF8C509E6C40ACEFB08DE830BF8AC08F6BD0BC6DB07DCF30BCA8607F09D43F6EE11" <-- error in parsing the source string CONTEXT:  COPY lyr_parcel, line 16, column shape: "000100002600000004000C00807F0000A803000001000000A187BCDCB303B1E7B4BC9508C2AB129EF610F4DB338AEC68FEA4..."

please help me thanks.