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vector field renderer

Question asked by marty9 on Mar 25, 2017


I have a shapefile with fields:
x y z u v V
where the first 3 fields are point coordinates, u and v velocity in x and y direction, V velocity magnitude.

I want to show the velocity vector field.

So i converted fields u and v to raster (feature to raster tool), then changed symbology. The direction is correct, but i cannot see magnitude.

So i added to the shapefile another field, angle: atan(v/u), with the velocity direction.

I converted this field to raster (direction), as well as field V (magnitude).
I applied the symbology to the raster magnitude as in the picture and the size changes but they all point to the same direction.



What could be the problem? I also tried to change field type of angle in the shapefile to direction.
Thank you