Open Web Maps - Pro (Bing/ArcGIS/Google/OSM) Add-in

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For those who are interested, I just released my first ArcGIS Pro Add-in.

Get it here:  http://arcg.is/2nMXq4M



Have you ever been working in ArcGIS Pro and you want to view (B) Bing Maps, (A) ArcGIS.com maps, (G) Google Maps, or OpenStreetmap (O)?  Sure, you can add Esri imagery services directly into your ArcGIS Pro project.  Depending on your data frame coordinates and network speeds, the imagery tiles can load pretty slow.  Sometimes may also just want to view Bing Maps/Google Maps/OpenStreetMap but it can be a hassle to search or zoom to the same extent that you are currently viewing in ArcGIS Pro.

This ArcGIS Pro Add-in tool allows you to click anywhere within a map frame to automatically launch a new web browser pointed towards Bing Maps, ArcGIS.com Maps, Google Maps , or OpenStreetMap.  Each web mapping site link is pre-configured to display your map of choice, automatically zoomed to the geographic location that was clicked within the ArcGIS Pro map frame.


Current Pre-configured Map Links
Bing - Aerial
Bing - Bird's Eye
Bing - Road
ArcGIS - Imagery w/Labels
ArcGIS - Streets
ArcGIS - Topographic
Google - Hybrid
Google - Road
Google - Terrain
Google Earth Web - 2D
Google Earth Web - 3D
OpenStreetMap - Cycle
OpenStreetMap - Humanitarian
OpenStreetMap - Standard
OpenStreetMap - Transport