ArcGIS Server 10.5  Cannot add machine to site due to connection failure to config-store and directories

Discussion created by scheadley on Mar 23, 2017
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I have a system set up with 10 servers.  I have 4 sites, with 2 machines in each site.  I have an internal web server and an external web server with IIS containing web adaptors.  The first 3 sites installations went without a problem.  I installed ArcGIS Server on all the machines, clustered the 2 machines per site, created the web adaptors, connected them to an internal web server.  When I got to the last site, I loaded ArcGIS server, just like before, and I got the error the config-store connection failed, and that the specific location in not accessible.  Ensure that ArcGIS Server account has read and write access to the location.


I have my config-store and directories on a file share.  My admin account that I used to load AGS has full permissions to those folders.  I know this because the folders for each site are located in the same directory. 


I had this issue with the first server in the site, and I had my server guy rebuild the server from a saved backup.  I did a clean install on a clean server and it worked.  So I thought I had the problem solved, but when I went to add a second machine to that site, I get the same error.  Had the server guy do the same thing, restore the server from a saved image.  Nothing.  We tried this 3 times.  The issue I can't explain is the exact same process has been done on 7 machines, and on the 8th (and last), it sending this error. 


I have also tried creating the config store locally on the server machine, and then trying to edit the location, and that does not work, same error.  I can connect to the unc path through windows explorer, so I know the server can see the file server. 


Any help would be appreciated.  Very frustrating.  I have attached a screen shot of the system error, and a diagram of our architecture.