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Can not build iOS for x86_64 processor architecture

Question asked by PJanissen on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by PJanissen

Hi. I've recently installed the Qt Framework for macOS and the ArcGIS SDK for Qt, using the installation guide from the ArcGIS SDK for Qt. I've ran a Qt example app with my iOS kit and it runs fine, however when I try to run an ArcGIS application it gives me the following error messages:



When I look into the details, it shows me the following:



The conclusion seems to be that the ArcGIS SDK for Qt's libraries are not suited for the x86_64 processor type.


I have no idea however what the cause might be of the problem. I've tried reinstalling the SDK and also ran the post installer again to see if that helps, but to no result.


These are the versions I am using:


   macOS                        10.11.6
   xCode                           8.2.1
   qt                                   5.8

   ArcGIS SDK for Qt      100.0.0   


Any ideas on what I could do?


Thanks in advance,