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Exporting from SDE Feature Class to Shapefile, Field Name Issue

Question asked by ben_vk on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by ben_vk

Hey All, 


I have a feature class that resides within my SDE, I have added this to an ArcMap document, and created a join to a SQL Query Layer, the Table view looks good, showing field names, not alias.


So I then run the Feature Class to Feature Class tool to convert it to a shapefile.


I then take a look at the resultant shapefile, and I note that the field names have been exported, not retaining the Alias as viewed within the MXD.


What I am wanting is to retain the field alias (or as much as possible with the naming constraints of a shapefile). Any ideas on how I can achieve this?


Here is the original Feature Class properties:

Original Feature Class within SDE


I think create a join to my SQL Query Layer:


I then run Feature Class to Feature Class tool, and this is the name of the output fields: