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Time Enabled Map w/Summary Data

Question asked by dalmolmr on Mar 20, 2017

Greetings, I have schedule information for each classroom on our campus and I'd like to create a time enabled map to display the number of students in each building at a time. Given start and end times and the total enrollment of students in each of our classes, some level of aggregation is needed to show the total number of students in a building during a certain time period, as is possible with a time enabled map.


Essentially in terms of data, I have a building layer with polygons of each building (about 30) and thousands of points for all classes during this semester. I know I can do a spatial join as all the points fall within a building polygon but I am not sure how I can display this as a time enabled map where I can click on a building to see how many students are in that building during that period of time based on the class points I have. Is that possible? What kind of spatial analysis tools can I use? 


Any help would be much appreciated.