Control Character Length in Dynamic Text

Discussion created by conestogarovers on Dec 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by CCLGordon

I'm trying to label the Arcmap document "name" dynamically, and I need to trim some of the characters off of the right side.
For example, This is what the name looks like now:
00000-00(000)PR-001 this is a test to remove text.mxd

This is what I would like to show on the finished product:

This is the code I'm using and need to alter in some way:
;<dyn type="document" property="name"/> <dyn type="document" property="date saved" format="short"/>

We have a job code, and usually after the job code, we put a simple description of the map in the name to quickly ID a map we need to find. I just need to remove this description automatically.

Thanks for the help!